Do’s and Don’t s


  • Remove and dispose the plastic bag.
  • Keep your bedding clean. We suggest using a mattress protector.
  • Turn your mattress fortnightly in the first four months, and every three months thereafter to let the mattress contour your body better.
  • Replace the old foundation that may not provide sufficient support when purchasing a new mattress.
  • Use an appropriate frame and center support for queen-and king-size sets.
  • Allow 20 – 30 days for the body to adjust to the new mattress.


  • Stand or jump on the mattress. It was not built for that kind of activities.
  • Allow the mattress to get wet. Some upholstery materials may compress.
  • Bend the mattress under any circumstances. The innerspring unit may be damaged by such treatment.
  • Use dry cleaning fluid on the mattress. This will damage some of the construction materials.